Did Colin have friends?

This is not me. I swear it. But if I ever ask a server if the chicken had a name, shoot me, stuff me with locally grown herbs and serve with homemade apple torte and Valley wine.


Eggsactly what I ordered

I love our Valley feasts. All of our meals are homemade and we use locally grown vegetables and meats as often as we can. I’m particularly proud of this one: eggs benedict with smoked pork.

The eggs were truly local — right from the chickens in the backyard. We got the smoked porkchops, which we cut into thin slices, from the butcher in Canning. Tom made the bread. Only the asparagus came from the grocery store.

It’s a good thing those chickens keep busy because we used about 17 eggs: two each for the six of us and the rest to make the hollandaise sauce. The recipe is from Jacques Pepin’s Complete Techniques.

And yes, the meal was as delicious as the photo suggests.