SixTop in Italy – Tuscan Factory

We recently spent two fantastic weeks in Italy. Moving around the central part of the country we visited Florence, Cinque Terre, Siena, Cortona and then finally Rome. Indeed a trip of a lifetime, but I refuse to be so final. Anything …of a lifetime sounds like it would never happen again and that’s just ridiculous.

This post is about a day I had in Cortona, a small Tuscan town an hour south-east from Florence and just up the hill from a smaller town called Camucia. It’s an area more beautiful than you can possibly imagine with views that truly take the breath away. We stayed at the relaxing Borgo San Pietro just outside of town.

I had caught a cold earlier in the trip which wasn’t going away. I decided to hang back from a planned day trip to sit outside and read, recoup and take a break from all that Tuscan stress. While sitting under the Borgo’s large vine embroidered pergola I was amazed at all the activity going on. I was being deafened by nature! Lizards, bees, roosters, birds, insects and cows were all in a frenzy of activity. The sound came from every direction. I imagined this awesome, wild factory under non-stop heavy production. “Okay bees, you start the honey this afternoon. The birds will move around seeds while the hens get the eggs going. Cows, start with the milk and keep that grass under control, the pigs will continue finding truffles. Don’t forget, the humans will be by later to start work on the wine, olive oil and prosciutto. Let’s get to it!” Punch cards in and away they go.

It felt like everything there is producing beautiful things. We had conversations with locals about farming, wine making and the unchanged methods of food cultivation which really reinforced this sense that everything gives so everything can take. A visitor’s point of view, no doubt, but with all the great food, wine and natural beauty in Tuscany you could almost believe there’s a larger plan.