Future milk producer

Cute little Georgia was born this week on Chad and Lindsay’s farm. It was a bit of a surprise. One morning she was just standing in the barn beside mama Freckles.

As you can tell from the photos, Georgia is a Nubian goat. We love the puppy/deer/bunny look she has going on.

One day she’ll provide milk for the farm. Until then, it’s just play time.


3 Comments on “Future milk producer”

  1. Future milk and cheese producer. It would be great to have fresh milk, its so much better than the packaged stuff.

    • Tom C says:

      Absolutely. We had a glass or two the other weekend from another mother goat. It was fresh and fantastic! I was also really surprised at how much it tasted like cows milk. We’re going to have a post soon about the goat milk cheddar we tried as well. Thanks for reading SixTop!

      NOTE: We tweaked this comment because there was an error in the first version. The milk we tasted was from another goat on the farm, not Freckles.

  2. Melanie says:

    Aww! How cute!

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