Will the new SixTop please stand up

SixTop will be a year old this September and we’re pretty proud. Some big changes are coming. What started out as a hobby has now turned into something we really believe in and would like to see grow.

To start we’re changing the direction of the programming by adding a restaurant section. We’d like to provide a more expanded point of view for great places in Halifax as well as posts about places we find out of town.

Next we’ll be adding new contributors. We have some friends joining SixTop to help provide even more great posts, recipes and reviews.

Last is the website. We’ll be moving the blog to our own new domain. It will feature a  brand new design which will allow for more flexibility for all our posts and photography. You can also contact us directly now at sixtopinfo@gmail.com.

We’re very excited. The new SixTop will provide even more insightful, detailed and entertaining information for the modern foodie. Please stay tuned and in the meantime you can visit our new coming soon page.


4 Comments on “Will the new SixTop please stand up”

  1. apalanca says:

    Sexy GQ photoshoot with SixTop members, perhaps? 😉

  2. Karen says:

    Almost a year old, terrific. It sounds like you are onto bigger and better…how great. I can say I knew you when. Karen

    • Tom C says:

      heh, thanks Karen. We’re really going to try and have a clearer focus for the next year. SixTop will remain a wordpress blog, only with a custom design and hosted elsewhere. Fingers crossed!

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