In no particular order, here’s hot stuff we stop for as we wade through all this gastro input… and output.

The blogs:

  1. Eat Halifax
  2. Halifood
  3. Bite House
  4. Back Road Journal
  5. Butter versus Burpees
  6. Movita Beaucoup
  7. Macchi Inc.
  8. Feisty Chef
  9. Aromes
  10. The Mindful Table
  11. The Hungry Tweeter
  12. Food Guy Montreal
  13. Midnight Poutine
  14. Halifax Foodie
  15. Fresh Flavours Made From the Heart
  16. Hfx Food Reviews
  17. Chew On That
  18. Montreal Foodie
  19. Shut Up and Eat
  20. Cookoodoo

The further reading:

  1. Food Bloggers Canada
  2. The Food-Bloggers Community
  3. Books About Food
  4. The Fork Project
  5. Vanessa Muri
  6. Marie-Claude Lortie
  7. East Coast Living
  8. Culture Cheese Magazine
  9. Nova Scotia Chef Buy Local
  10. Food and Drinks in Montreal
  11. Food press
  12. Anthony Bourdain
  13. Taste of Nova Scotia
  14. Epic Meal Time

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